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Microseismic in Recovery Processes in the Chichimene Heavy Oil Field, Colombia

Vargas Jimenez, Carlos A.1; Delgado, Mauricio; Tovar, Juan; and Martinez, Alexander
1[email protected]

It has been installed a seismic array with 29 accelerometers around a well in the heavy oil field Chichimene (Meta). Several geometries were deployed to acquire elastic disturbances before and after fracking activities, in order to assess natural and induced seismic activity in the study area as well to estimate fracture patterns. We also calculated Images of the stress field, and estimated velocity, attenuation and interferometric sections. Preliminar analyses of the information processed have allowed us to identify lateral variations of various elastic properties, essential for proper monitoring and improvement of production processes and reduce uncertainties regarding the local geological context that surrounds the field.


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