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Development of Unconvencional Hydrocarbon Reservoir using PS and PP 3D Seismic Data for AVO and Multiattribute Seismic Analysis

Tomašić, Darko1; Nagl, Barbara; Slađović, Željka; Trogrlić, Stjepan; Pejić, Krešimir; and Korak, Velimir
1[email protected]

Unconventional reservoir properties INA has discovered oil from unconventional reservoir in Sava Depression in the Croatian part of Pannonian Basin. According to well testing, the well produced a total of about 17 m3 of oil with drop down pore pressure and low permeability (0.02 – 4.40 mD). The reservoir lithology was determined by core and it consists of silty-sandy fossilifferous calcitic marl and sandy biocalcarenite bioclastic limestone. From geochemical point of view, the reservoir represents good source rock on the top of hydrocarbon generative potential. 3D seismic survey was performed in this area. Company has decided to develop this unconventional reservoir.

For this purpose, we have decided to make comparison between PP and PS migrated stack registered in PP time on 3D seismic data. Also comparison was made between PP AVO rigidity reflectivity and PS AVO rigidity and density reflectivity and finally comparison was made on the inverted PP and PS AVO attributes registered in PP time. Multiattribute analysis were performed within the observed area on PP as well on PS seismic data, which enabled recognition of hydrocarbon saturation. Special attention was given to extraction of relative permeability measurements from PP and PS seismic data according (Golushubin and Silin, 2005) equation. The main goal of integrated multi-component data analysis was the identification of lithology and reservoir petrophysical properties. Based on the results of analyzed 3D seismic data and well data, regional distribution of reservoir was determined with its petrophysical properties which helped in finding the best location for a new well.


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