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Integration of Outcrop Studies in Naturally Fractured Subsurgace Modelscase: Formation Mogollon – Lote X - Cuenca Talara

Roldan Guevara, Jul D.1; Escobedo Cabrera, Diego Eduardo; Patrocinio, Alan; Pozo, Eloy G.; Manrique Caceres, Percy G.; Choque Arivilca, Lucio; Bustamante Ramirez, Edwar J.; and Espiritu Beas, Walter T.
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The aim of this work is to establish a methodology for generating naturally fractured reservoir models in 2D and 3D. It integrates outcrop data, core data, images logs, underground maps and production information. The study was conducted in the Peña Negra Area, Block X in the North West of Peru, whose main structural characteristic is the extensional tectonic style.

From the natural fractured outcrop data (orientation, geometry, intensity, etc) and a theoretical scale structural model the distribution of the fracture systems was determined. Also, it was defined and quantified the relationship between faults and adjacent natural fractured zones. It was found three conjugate fracture systems. A set of equations were established for these three systems and they can be used as an input for stochastic fracture model generation in any commercial software or 2D fracture density map.

There are 25 wells, few cores and image logs in the area. The study includes the identification of the main characteristics of the fractures (classification, wide, orientation) and it establishes a relationship between lithology and fracture density. As result of this study a fracture volume was obtained. From petrophysical interpretation, high and low permeable sandstones were discriminated to associate high perm sandstone to the matrix OOIP.

The dynamic analysis used an empirical methodology to estimate OOIP in fractures. Wells with high production cumulative in short time were considered to produce from fracture zones. The production cumulative from fractures was obtained from the difference between total cumulative and matrix cumulative, the last one coming from a production type of curve for each well.

It is concluded that fractured systems are associated to a fault systems in extensional tectonic style, in their structural position and orientation. In addition, fracture volume and 3D stochastic fractured network were obtained.


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