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Talara Basin – Peru: Exploring for More Reserves in an Ancient Basin in Light of New Concepts and Technological Advances

Pozo, Eloy G.1; Yesquen Leon, Seferino; and Roldan Guevara, Jul D.
1[email protected]

Talara Basin located in Northwestern Peru with five centuries of exploitation since Pre Inca and Hispanic times, is considered one of the most ancient basins in present production. The historical production curve reflects the impact of the evolving technology in the oil and gas industry in the last century.

In recent years successful rejuvenation programs have been developed. Low cost business model had permitted the increase of oil and gas production based on infill drilling, workovers and waterflooding using technological advances fitted to the field and operations characteristics.

In searching of new business opportunities that go beyond the conventional rejuvenation program in a mature basin, this paper presents a proposition for exploring the hydrocarbon potential in light of new concepts, tools and successful experiences in other basins.

The key idea is intensify exploration activities in these areas:

  • Offshore areas below 450 feet of water column,
  • Low structural (Gravens) (Lagunitos, Malacas, Siches)
  • Deep horizons in Pre Paleozoic unconformity.
  • Ultra Deep Horizons Infra-Paleozoic (Gas possibility),
  • repeated in offshore production units (Mogollon, San Critobal, Basal salina),
  • Units stratigraphic traps in Paleocene - Cretaceous,
  • Shale oil and gas in Cretaceous source rocks.
  • Development of Advanced Structural south of the basin (Paita - Sechura) deposits similar to San Pedro, San Francisco. Exploration of heavy oil in eastern basin (Outcrop of Amotapes)
  • Concluding that there is an unquantified exploration potential, which is worth studying to increase reserves in the Talara basin.


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