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Seismic and Well Based Sequence Stratigraphy in the Offshore Caribbean Basin, Colombia

Martinez, Wenceslao I.; Espino Cerna, Diana K.1; Carrington, Jaclyn; and Benkovics, Laszlo
1[email protected]

The Colombian Caribbean margin has awaked a renewed interest over the recent years. As a result, exploration programs are generating a significant amount of reprocessed and new acquired seismic data and well penetrations. A large effort to integrate existing well geology has also resulted on a variety of field work and well studies with the aim to better understand the Tertiary evolution of the northern part of the offshore Caribbean basins. The majority of available wells that are encountered near the coastline offshore the Guajira Peninsula, have been used to generate a well-calibrated seismic stratigraphy framework for the offshore basins. On the other hand, the absence of well penetrations to the north when entering deeper water depths require a seismic based approach to resolve the stratigraphic model.

A biostratigraphic revision recently carried in-house at Repsol Technology Center (CTR) laboratories, revealed an alternative age correlation to previously proposed models. The integration of these results with well and seismic data provides an excellent tool to generate a consistent large scale stratigraphic model. The use of large regional seismic based sections allowed extrapolating the proposed model to the more distal deep water environment.


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