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Challenges at Droshky Field, Green Canyon Block 244, Gulf of Mexico: The Journey from Discovery to First Oil and Beyond

Bastidas, Rodrigo1; Laguros, George; Campion, Kirt; Chen, Jeff; and Petro, David
1[email protected]

Marathon discovered the Droshky Field in Green Canyon Block 244, Gulf of Mexico, in March 2007, and the project was put on a fast track to development in July 2007. A delineation drilling program in 2008 was followed by a development drilling program in 2009, culminating with the field coming onstream in July 2010.

Significant subsurface-related challenges were encountered during the development process. The results of the delineation drilling program indicated that the down-dip portion of the field was not in communication with the up-dip area. By the end of the development drilling program, 22 separate reservoir compartments had been identified. These compartments were imaged in different lateral positions depending on which seismic volume was used.

The seismic data were inverted to acoustic impedance (AI), and this volume was used to create a structural framework for the static geocellular model. Sands were distributed through the model based on a relationship with AI. Over time, this workflow was refined in order to accurately reflect the complexity of the reservoir. Prior to development drilling, multiple completion intervals in three of the producing wells were picked based on the final dynamic reservoir model. Post-drilling, while the individual zones to be completed in each well changed, overall 105% of the prognosed completion net pay was encountered. Subsequent history matching of production resulted in further refinements to the workflow as the implementation of localized seismic imagining.

The lessons learned in dealing with these challenges can be applied to future developments in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.


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