--> Abstract: Marcellus Shale Asset Optimization through Increased Geological Understanding, by Yang, Chaoqing; Zagorski, William A.; Morris, Jim R.; Bowman, Douglas A.; #90163 (2013)

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Marcellus Shale Asset Optimization through Increased Geological Understanding

Yang, Chaoqing; Zagorski, William A.; Morris, Jim R.; Bowman, Douglas A.

Large scale, manufacturing-like shale gas development involves heavy capital investment. How to develop shale assets efficiently and effectively presents a big challenge to all of us, especially under current low-price market environment. Since 2007, the Marcellus Shale gas extraction has rapidly expanded. The industry has realized a cookie-cutter approach would not work well for this complex shale gas system. To increase efficiency and maximize asset value, different teams need to work together to identify key drivers to well performance and formulate a field development strategy.

As a vital part of this combined effort, many geological and geophysical investigations have increased our understanding of the Marcellus Shale. In addition to the identification of sweet spots, we appreciate the importance of placing the laterals in the high-quality target zone. Further studies reveal interdependence between various reservoir properties. Several parameters, such as thermal maturity, porosity, permeability, abnormal pore pressure, and rock mechanical properties, all play a key role in field development optimization. A solid geological understanding of reservoir quality, geomechanical properties, and geohazards helps to tailor our drilling and completion designs to honor variations in the shale gas reservoir, both vertically and horizontally across the field.

This presentation will provide a few snapshots of our geological studies in the following areas:

  • Marcellus stratigraphy
  • Log analysis/Petrophysical modeling
  • Key reservoir parameter mapping
  • 3-D shared earth modeling
  • FIB SEM investigation
  • Role of seismic
  • Landing point analysis


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