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An Previous HitIntegratedNext Hit Approach Using Geotechnology to Unlock the Secrets of Low Permeability Reservoirs

Sadykhov, Said; Collamore, Adam; Guidry, Martha; Palmer, Wes; Harrison, Charlie

One of the most significant developments in the oil and gas industry for the last decade was the tremendous economic success in the development of the Previous HitunconventionalNext Hit shale plays in the United States. Advances in horizontal drilling, reservoir characterization, completion, interpretation and extraction methods from Previous HitunconventionalNext Hit plays such as the Barnett, Marcellus, Haynesville and Fayetteville have grown rapidly and started to play a major role in the natural gas production in the USA. The experience gained in early years is helping to unlock Previous HitresourcesNext Hit in more Previous HitunconventionalNext Hit plays in North America, resulting in significant growth of shale gas Previous HitresourcesNext Hit across the continent.

North American success has sparked a worldwide interest in development of shale gas reservoirs. There are increasing interest and exploration activities to unlock Previous HitunconventionalNext Hit Previous HitresourcesNext Hit by both multi-national E&P companies and government entities in Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Previous HitUnconventionalNext Hit exploration in areas outside North America is in its early stages, and can be accelerated by adopting best practices learned from North American experience and applying the right technologies to explore these plays.

Experience gained in developing Previous HitunconventionalNext Hit Previous HitresourcesNext Hit in North America has led to the development of a formation evaluation workflow specifically designed for evaluation of these complex reservoirs. This Previous HitintegratedNext Hit workflow combines petrophysical, geological characterization and geomechanical analysis and applies the results to both the pilot hole and lateral drilling programs and completion strategies.

This presentation describes the application of these techniques in US shale plays as analogues to worldwide Previous HitunconventionalTop reservoir exploitation. By incorporating fracture stimulation design and performance results with formation evaluation datasets the overall economic viability of low permeability reservoirs is achieved.


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