--> Abstract: The Rawa Besar Lake Area (Depok, Indonesia) Study by Using Ground Penetrating Radar, by Finahsan, Annisa C.; Suparno, Supriyanto; #90163 (2013)

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The Rawa Besar Lake Area (Depok, Indonesia) Study by Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Finahsan, Annisa C.; Suparno, Supriyanto

We performed GPR study on the Rawa Besar lake area during summer 2012. The GPR study aimed at imaging lake bottom and shallow sedimentary layers to know the water volume of the Rawa Besar lake for containing water, which could be estimated by depth and area information. The water of the Rawa Besar lake strongly attenuates radar waves. More than 5 km of radar profiles were obtained in the lake, using GSSI SIR-2000 GPR system with 70 MHz monostatic antennas. Electronics and antennas were placed in a fiberglass boat, and traverses followed ropes. We do the survey with west - east direction, using continuous profiling techniques. Integrated acoustic and GPR techniques were used in the shallow eastern sector. The GPR profiles processed to date successfully image discontinuities at depths greater than 1000 cm. Compare with pendulum results shows that GPR provides high - resolution images of the depth range of interest (0 - 800 cm) which complement the information obtained from sub - bottom profilers. A deep (1000 cm) flat sub-horizontal reflector, shallow (0 - 500 cm) dipping layers, sigmoidal structures and local chaotic lenses are the primary features imaged by GPR in the lake.


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