--> Abstract: Petrophysical Analogue Trends from Core Property Data for Emerging Play Evaluation, by Baechle, Gregor; Tepper, Brian; #90163 (2013)

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Petrophysical Analogue Trends from Core Property Data for Emerging Play Evaluation

Baechle, Gregor; Tepper, Brian

Petrophyiscal relationships are difficult to establish in emerging play areas where core measurements are limited or not available, and quality information on TOC and mineralogy may be sparse. A major challenge in unconventional reservoirs is often the determination of porosity, hydrocarbon saturation and the resulting net reservoir thickness. However, deriving accurate ranges for key volumetric parameters is essential for risking and assessing an economic value for these plays. Unfortunately, basic legacy wireline logging measurements (Resistivity, Gama Ray, Density, Neutron, Sonic) are often the primary source to derive rock property information.

This study shows petrophysical relationships of a number of basic core analog data from established unconventional plays. The trends shown have the potential to aid in the emerging play evaluation. Core analog information from the Eagle Ford, Utica, Marcellus, Barnett, and Haynesville will be presented. We show that difficulties arise due to the low porosities typically present in these reservoirs and the significant impact of kerogen on fundamental petrophysical rock properties such as grain density. This presentation will be useful to for those evaluating unconventional reservoirs in emerging play areas where core data is limited.


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