--> Abstract: Seismic Attribute Database for Selective Use of Seismic Attributes for a Given Application, by Amtmann, Johannes; Eichkitz, Christoph G.; Schreilechner, Marcellus G.; #90163 (2013)

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Seismic Attribute Database for Selective Use of Seismic Attributes for a Given Application

Amtmann, Johannes; Eichkitz, Christoph G.; Schreilechner, Marcellus G.

There is a variety of seismic attributes for different applications in seismic interpretation available. In scientific articles and software packages one and the same attribute might come under different names. For seismic interpreters it is often difficult to keep track of the variety of seismic attributes. To solve that, a platform for finding the right attribute depending on the application is created.

For this platform a seismic attribute classification scheme is developed and metadata of scientific articles are integrated. As an initial step for the classification of seismic attributes we decided to keep close to works by Taner (1994, 2001), and Chopra and Marfurt (2005, 2008). Our keyword system is based on two levels, termed main attribute level and minor attribute level. The main attribute level consists of eleven main classes. The minor attribute level consists of 130 attribute classes and 22 application classes. The scientific articles are classified by this keyword system. Additionally, all attribute classes are compared to attribute names used in commercial software packages.

The output of this work is an online platform of seismic attributes where the classification scheme of seismic attributes is displayed as a tree chart. Multiple attributes classes and application classes can be selected. These selections are used for querying the database. As result of this query a literature list of scientific articles containing these classes is generated. Each hit is linked with the official journal's website and references can be exported as Bibtex file format (*.bib). Additionally, one commercial software package can be selected and the seismic attribute classes in the tree chart are highlighted depending on the availability in the software package. Also the attribute name used in the commercial software package is displayed next to the highlighted attribute class.

At the moment the platform contains 750 literature links of 65 different journals and from 55 different conferences. These scientific articles are classified by eleven main classes, by 130 attribute classes, by 22 different application classes and by five different commercial software packages. The developed keyword system provides a quick and easy way to find suitable seismic attributes for a given application. In the future it is planned to integrate a glossary of the seismic attribute classes together with the key scientific articles.


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