--> Abstract: Integrated Seismology, Correlation of Seismic and Seismological Data of Baska Block Pakistan, by Ali, Mian S.; #90163 (2013)

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Integrated Seismology, Correlation of Seismic and Seismological Data of Baska Block Pakistan

Ali, Mian S.

The main idea of the research is to integrate the seismic and seismological data by utilizing the fault plane solution technique and to confirm the nature and orientation of the fault. The seismic sections have been interpreted both for the petroleum prospect and integration of the seismological technique. The reflectors beyond our petroleum prospect have also been marked in order to achieve the desired target. The Baska block lies in an compressional regime and thrust sheets are present in the area. The main thrusts are sember detached but the idea of double decollment is also under discussion Structural Modeling of the interpreted digital geological cross-section is performed to generate a synthetic 2-D seismic section. The causative fault in the beach ball is " F1 " which is the main thrust in our seismic line BG3494-06. F1 is also providing the trapping mechanism to the pop up structure.The fault plane solution of the event has shown that there is some strike slip component associated with the movement; hence on 2-D seismic section we cannot detect the strike slip component unless we have 3-D seismic data giving us the information about the azimuth. Due to the integration of seismological technique we have enhanced our information about the subsurface because the seismic data itself was not giving us any information about the strike - slip component but with the help of seismological data we found it out.In virgin areas where no seismic surveys have been done we can get the general idea about the nature and orientations of the faults by interpreting the FPS's of that area, hence the interpretation will become more understandable for us.


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