--> Abstract: Petroleum Reservoir Characterization Using Noble Gas Geochemistry and GIS Engineering Technology, by Vasquez, Diego A. and Darrah, Thomas; #90162 (2013)

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Petroleum Reservoir Characterization Using Noble Gas Geochemistry and GIS Engineering Technology

Vasquez, Diego A. and Darrah, Thomas
[email protected]

The integration of precise geochemical analyses with quantitative engineering modeling into an interactive GIS system allows for a sophisticated and efficient method of reservoir engineering and characterization. The Mahala field within the Los Angeles basin is a mature oil field having reached maximum production over 50 years ago, with strong proven reserves still remaining in place the field stands as a perfect candidate for mature oil field restoration and a prolific transformation. Noble gas geochemistry is an innovative and effectively proven method of analysis to determine the physical/chemical conditions, geologic processes and dynamic interactions of earth system reservoirs; specifically the analysis being conducted will determine: the source (origin and maturity of the hydrocarbons), the extent/style of fluid migration (field connectivity/continuity and directionality), the movement/presence of the oil and gas (pay zones) as well as additional reservoir characteristics (conductivity, permeability, diffusivity). In addition, the use of geostatistical and geological engineering with GIS technology integrated into the analysis allows for the development of: a geologic model of the field displaying the spatial distribution of subsurface properties (including permeable and water saturated zones) and a numerical model of the hydrocarbon system quantifying the subsurface fluids (including reserve estimates and predicted production rates). This combination of new and efficient technological and analytical capabilities is guaranteed to provide a better understanding of the field geology and hydrocarbon dynamic system, which will in turn be utilized to improve mature oil field management and decision-making (e.g. insight on enhanced oil recovery procedures, new boreholes sites, directional drilling, formation perforations).


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