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Urban Seismic Exploration Case History – Long Beach 3D Seismic Survey

Hollis, Dan
[email protected]

Presented is a case history of a seven year‐plus project to acquire a 3D seismic data over the Long Beach Field. The Long Beach field is a faulted anticline along the Newport‐Inglewood Fault Zone and presents challenging survey design considerations just for proper imaging; however, data acquisition is complicated by its location in the dense urban environment of the greater Los Angeles area. Presented is a brief history of discovery and development of the field, lessons‐learn from a failed attempt in 2005 to acquire a 3D survey, application of lessons‐learn and new nodal technology in the design and operation of the successful 2011 survey.


AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90162©2013 Pacific Section AAPG, SPE and SEPM Joint Technical Conference, Monterey, California, April 19-25, 2013