--> Abstract: King Road Fault Block, N.W. Lost Hills Oil Field, Kern County, California, by Hector, Scott T. and Blake, Karen E.; #90162 (2013)

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King Road Fault Block, N.W. Lost Hills Oil Field, Kern County, California

Hector, Scott T. and Blake, Karen E.
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In 1997, Gary Drilling Company made a new fault block discovery in the Northwest Lost Hills oil field. The Texaco Fee # 32-18 and #42-18 well established the presence of a structural high with oil and gas production from the C-T Phase of the Monterey Shale at depths of 3,800’-4,200’. Log correlations showed the presence of a 500’ thrust fault that had thrust a portion of the eastern flank of northwesterly plunging Lost Hills anticline over and above the main axis of the anticline. A dozen oil wells established a productive area of several hundred acres. These wells required hydraulic stimulation to produce. All wells were vertically drilled or semi-vertical, none horizontal. Because of the C-T phase reservoir, production declined rapidly and the GOR increased over time. Image logs showed that there were few natural fractures, despite the presence of a large fault. Total production to date has been approximately 160,000 barrels of 30 API gravity and associated natural gas.


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