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Imaging of the Markley Submarine Valley Fill at Rio Vista Gas Field

Blume, Cheryl R.; Hector, Scott; Blake, Karen E.; and Nahama, Rodney
[email protected]

An exploratory well drilled at the north end of the Rio Vista gas field in 2007 led to a small new pool discovery in the Eocene Domengine sand. Though the # 7-1 was gas productive, an offset well found the Domegine pay zone to be missing. This was due to the increased down-cutting of the overlying Markley “Gorge”.

The Schlumberger logging suite for the #7-2 well included the dipmeter and image logs over the base of the Markley Submarine Valley Fill (aka Markley “Gorge”). The definition of the contact between the base of the gorge and the underlying Domengine formation is remarkable. In addition, the images uphole in the Gorge fill itself have provided a better understanding of the history of how the submarine canyon fill was deposited in this area.


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