--> --> Abstract: Outcrop/Behind Outcrop Characterization in Onshore Western Mediterranean Bbasins of Southern Iberia, by Cesar Viseras, Saturnina Henares, Juan Fernandez, and Javier Jaimez; #90161 (2013)

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Outcrop/Behind Outcrop characterization in onshore Western Mediterranean basins of Southern Iberia

César Viseras, Saturnina Henares, Juan Fernández, and Javier Jaímez

The recent geologic evolution of the southern Iberian Peninsula has resulted in spectacular Mesozoic and Cenozoic outcropping formations whose study has been crucial on unravelling the evolution of the western Mediterranean region.

Its preliminary outcrop / behind outcrop characterization is valuing these well-studied outcrops as oil and gas clastic reservoir analogs in a basin margin setting. This has been allowed by the recent PTR Unit foundation in the Scientific Instrumentation Center at the University of Granada, including drilling equipment, a set of probes for geophysical well logging and a core scanner. Borehole logs obtained include Natural and Spectral Gamma Ray (QL40-GAM, QL40- SGR), as well as Optical and Acoustic Televiewers (QL40-OBI, QL40-ABI). Architectural and facies analysis of the outcrop as well as petrological and petrophysical characterization of potential reservoir and seal rocks complete this study.

Financial support was provided by Research Project CGL2009-07830 and Research Group RNM369 of the Junta de Andalucía. We also thank the facilities offered by the municipalities of Alcaraz, Villarrodrigo and Bienservida and by the landowner Mr. Luis Fernandez. The Consejería de Agricultura of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha granted the appropriate permissions for the development of this research.

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