--> --> Abstract: A Review of The Hydrocarbon Prospectivity offshore Greece – Based on Newly Acquired Seismic Data, by Per Helge Semb and Oystein Lie; #90161 (2013)

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A Review of The Hydrocarbon Prospectivity offshore Greece – Based on Newly Acquired Seismic Data

Per Helge Semb and Øystein Lie

The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Greece are preparing for an offshore bid round. Hydrocarbon exploration attempts have been made and currently Greece produces hydrocarbons in the Aegean Sea from the Prinos and south Kavala fields in Gulf of Kavala.

Available seismic data offshore Greece was previously very limited and restricted to the part of the offshore relatively close to shore. Technology developments in seismic acquisition, imaging and drilling have unlocked new acreage and enabled exploration in currently unexplored areas. New deeper plays and deep water exploration in the vicinity are also driving factors to explore offshore Greece. The offshore areas of the Ionian Sea to the Hellenic Trench system, southern part of the Aegean Sea and to south of Crete have been covered by state of the art 2D seismic. The 2D seismic data provides both receiver- and source-ghost free data to maximize the seismic signal and the resolution.

The aim of the new seismic program is to increase the geological understanding and to enable a hydrocarbon assessment of offshore Greece. In the areas to be covered are basins with significant hydrocarbon potential. All requirements for a hydrocarbon system including source rocks, reservoir, trap and seal are likely to be in place based on earlier exploration drilling results.

With the new seismic data the prospectivity offshore Greece will be better understood and will position Greece for a successful bid round in the western and southern offshore areas in 2014.

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