--> Abstract: Improved Digital Versions of Maps of Pakistan –New Versions of the Geological Map f the Sulaiman Area and Play Options, by Tahir Sher Mohammad; #90160 (2012)

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Improved Digital Versions of Maps of Pakistan –New Versions of the Geological Map f the Sulaiman Area and Play Options

Tahir Sher Mohammad
Mari Gas Company Limited, Islamabad

The University of Texas Map Library called the Perry Castaneda has posted digital 1:250,000 scale topographic maps of Pakistan on its website that can be downloaded freely for geological mapping.

The strength of the digital geological map is that it can have seismic and well data (with a sub-surface control) on the proper navigation deemed geodetically correct for both geological and structural modeling followed by validation.

In this study a new version of the Map of the Suleiman Area is made based on the digital maps of the University of Texas, validated with geological and structural cross checks. The previous Colombo Plan Maps do not cover Mari-Bugti Areas and separate maps are made on Zindapir. None of the previous 1:250,000 scale maps are on a Universal Transverse Mercator Projection. The strength of a surface geological map is topographic detail; besides geological and structural boundaries that can allow multiple analytical versions of cross sections to assist modeling in multiple hydrocarbons plays not just conventional fault-closed structures and fault-propagation folds.

It may be valuable to understand possibilities of other play options in Suleiman Area than the ones where gas discoveries are confirmed. In Pakistan there is gas shortage crisis, while it is generally know that Central Pakistan is primarily as gas play. The first option is review structures closer to gas pipeline infra-structure. There are three inverted “half-synclines” which have been topographically elevated by compression of the back-thrust movement of the Zindapir Structure. Event though these are surface synclines it is possible they may have fault-bend fold structures (pop-ups) below them where new seismic coverage (presently none may confirm these plays. In Potwar the Pariwali Gas Field has a surface syncline on the top. The Shahdani-1 well may not have been drilled on the optimum location on the structure. The Zindaqator Structure may be an option to review.


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