--> ABSTRACT: Seismic Facies Study of 3D Seismic Data, Northern Louisiana, Wilcox Formation, by Kaare Egedahl, Gary L. Kinsland, and Dan Han; #90158 (2012)

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Seismic Facies Study of 3D Seismic Data, Northern Louisiana, Wilcox Formation

Kaare Egedahl¹, Gary L. Kinsland¹, and Dan Han²
¹Department of Geology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, P.O. Box 44530, Lafayette, Louisiana 70504
²Devon Energy, Houston, Texas 77002

The lower Wilcox of northern Louisiana is a known producer of coalbed natural gas (CBNG). The difficulty with identifying coals within a fluvial-deltaic clastic sequence lies in the horizontal heterogeneity and complexity of the depositional environments in which coals are formed. The lateral extents of known coalbeds were constrained within a seismic data volume made available by Devon Energy, covering all of Township 8N– 3W and portions of 8N–2W and 8N–4W, located in northern Grant Parish. Coalbed extent was determined by utilizing the combination of well log’s high vertical resolution and conventional 3D seismic data’s relatively high horizontal resolution.

By utilizing TerraSpark’s Insight Earth software, paleo-geomorphology was more accurately imaged through proportional flattening the 3D seismic volume and the creation of “stratal” slices. Well log facies were correlated with their equivalent seismic facies visible on stratal slices and provide an analog with which to further explore the CBNG potential within northern Louisiana.


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