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Stratigraphyc and Diagenetic Framework for Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician Slope and Basin Sediments, Hot Creek Range, Nevada

Sandra Marek
Texas A&M University, Department of Geology & Geophysics College Station, Texas, USA
[email protected] 

This project will develop a regional high-resolution stratigraphic and diagenetic framework for slope and basin sediments of the Late Cambrian-Early Ordocivian Hales Limestone Formation in Tybo Canyon, Hot Creek Range, Nevada. The first phase uses stratigraphic sections measured bed- by-bed, GigapanTM photomosaics, and gamma-ray logs generated from a hand-held scintillometer to measure and describe, the outcrops of the limestone in order to differentiate major stratigraphic surfaces and facilitate correlations of facies. The second phase of the project involves studying hand samples and thin sections from rock samples collected throughout the measured sections to facilitate chemostratigraphic correlations and provide information on the diagenetic history of these units. The goal of this project is to map to determine the lateral extend and 3D geometries of debris flows and turbidity currents in the Hales Limestone to better understand slope depositional processes and then using a sequence stratigraphic model of slope deposition in the Hales Limestone Formation in Hot Creek Range, Nevada to provide better analogs for subsurface slope reservoirs. This data should allow for more accurate data to populate subsurface flow models.


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