--> ABSTRACT: Future Energy Options for Singapore in the Century Ahead, by Smith, Peter M.; #90155 (2012)

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Future Energy Options for Singapore in the Century Ahead

Smith, Peter M.
POA, Weatherford Int'l Ltd, Loyang Offshore Base, Singapore.

Singapore is a small but densely populated country, (5.07 million people with 7,022 people per sq km)) with no hydrocarbon resources, a high level of GDP ($AUD77,000 pa.) and a high level of wealth (rated fourth in the world). Almost alll of the current energy sources are external to the land mass which is only 710 sq km. (ref 2)

Singapore's challenges are a complete lack of natural mineral resources, a lack of space for large scale alternative sources (such as biomass crops or large solar farms), a very densely populated island (currently the second most densely populated place on earth), a high level of electricity consumption (41,800 GWh in 2009 - equivalent to 8.24 MWh per capita pa - however only 7.085 GWh are used for domestic consumption - this is equivalent to 1.4 MWh per capita pa) and a first world standard of living and industrial development that will not readily accept a lack of energy.

This paper analyzes likely future energy options for Singapore for the century beyond this one.


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