--> ABSTRACT: Near Field Exploration in the Seria Field, Brunei 80 Years On!, by Church, John; Bong, Poh Yuk; #90155 (2012)

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Near Field Exploration in the Seria Field, Brunei 80 Years On!

Church, John; Bong, Poh Yuk
Brunei Shell Petroleum, Seria, Brunei Darussalam.

The onshore Seria oil field, located in Brunei and operated by Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. (BSP), was discovered in 1929 and has produced over 1.1 billion barrels of oil. The field still has a large Near Field Exploration portfolio of undeveloped hydrocarbon resources in reservoir blocks on the northern flank. These blocks, located under the shallow marine surf zone, have previously been difficult to access due to the very shallow water and shoreward dipping nature of the fault blocks. However, the Seria North Flank (SNF) project has begun to unlock these volumes through the implementation of the revolutionary fish-hook well technology concept, allowing these opportunities to be developed from land.

Since 2008, in order to arrest production decline and, with the fish-hook well concept in mind, a number of other opportunities along the coast were identified. An integrated exploration and development team, utilising a fit-for-purpose screening and evaluation approach, took one of these opportunities, the Darat Early Production Opportunity (DEPO) from inception to project FID in 16 months.

The DEPO drilling campaign started 1 month after FID in mid 2010. To date, 12 wells have been drilled, successfully finding hydrocarbon volumes above expectation. These wells have been completed and immediately put onto production, into existing infrastructure.

There is now over 5 years of string activity planned, targeting the continued exploration and development of these blocks on the northern flank of the Seria field. There remains significant Near Field Exploration potential 80 years on from discovery!


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