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Evaluation and Exploitation of Unconventional Resources in Asia/Pacific - Shale Oil and Gas

Burgess, Richard M.
Halliburton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

IOCs and NOCs in Asia/Pacific are beginning to look towards unconventional plays to increase gas and oil production. These formations require special completion techniques in order to achieve economic production… namely, Hydraulic Fracturing. Also, large amounts of data are required to understand, evaluate and exploit these highly heterogeneous plays. Halliburton's extensive US experience has taught us what to look for in these shale formations that lead to productive wells.

With very little shale expertise existing in Asia/Pacific, our plan is to leverage our US knowledge and expertise for rapid economic development of unconventional plays in Asia/Pacific as our clients seek to transform resources to reserves. One of the biggest challenges that operators will face when going after shale plays is logistics. Halliburton's Consulting & Project Management PSL has an established track record with these types of projects…from the petro-physical screening of the formation to well placement and design to fracture design and completion. This PSL is perfectly positioned to coordinate and manage the multiple Halliburton services required throughout the life cycle of the asset.


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