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Geologic Data Mining, Analysis, and Mapping to Identify Prospective Disposal Zones in Eastern Ohio

Christopher J. Perry, Matthew S. Erenpreiss, Ronald A. Riley, and Lawrence H. Wickstrom
Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OH
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In the State of Ohio, there is an ever-increasing need to locate and develop subsurface injection zones to safely and efficiently dispose of oil and gas liquid wastes and to sequester CO2. Recognizing these important and growing industry demands, the Ohio Geological Survey is undertaking an effort to evaluate a wide variety of previously underutilized and archived data held at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The goal is to advance our understanding of the subsurface geology of eastern Ohio with the intent of identifying and mapping geographical areas containing geologic formations that display high potential for injection and storage capacity. The types of data evaluated and mapped in this effort include well cuttings and core, porosity and permeability data, formation and well pressure data, reservoir brine geochemistry, Class II injection well data, and various geophysical data. This comprehensive compilation of well data for eastern Ohio will allow us to better integrate all types of currently existing geological, geochemical, and geophysical data and will also identify areas where additional data needs to be collected. Maps, cross sections, and graphs are being developed from these data sources to aid in our exploration and identification of prospective stratigraphic intervals and geographic areas for future CO2 sequestration and brine injection.


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