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Potential Implications of Gas Production from Shales and Coal for CO2 Geological Storage

Steven M. Carpenter
Advanced Resources International, Batavia, Ohio, [email protected]

A study was completed to assess the global potential for geological storage of CO2 in shale and coal formations and the impact of gas production from shales on CO2 storage capacity in underlying deep saline aquifers due to potentially compromising cap rock integrity. The study evaluated the following major tasks:

  • Global status of hydrocarbon production from shales and CBM and potential effects on CO2 storage both in the producing shales/coals themselves and underlying hydrocarbon reservoirs and/or deep saline formations.

  • Current status of research into geological storage of CO2 in shales and coals.

  • Potential nature and rate of trapping processes; mechanisms of storing CO2.

  • CO2 injectivity into shales and coals, with reference to industry fracturing practices.

  • Containment issues arising from shale fracturing, both for shales as a storage medium, and in terms of cap rock integrity for underlying storage units, particularly deep saline aquifers.

  • Methods for assessing storage capacities for CO2 storage in shales and coals.

  • High-level mapping and assessment of theoretical/effective capacities.

  • Potential economic implications of CO2 storage in shales and coals.

The paper will present an overview of the study, its development, and significant findings.


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