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Development of the First Internationally Accepted Standard for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide – update from the Public Comment Period

Steven M. Carpenter
Advanced Resources International, Batavia, Ohio, [email protected]

The Carbon Capture & Sequestration (Storage) (CCS) marketplace is lacking standardization and therefore the ability to allow CCS projects to be considered as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). There is an international push to change this and recognize CCS. This recognition will allow for standardized and ultimately address a much needed CDM option and international standardization.

The international effort between the United States and Canada, funded by and the International Performance Assessment Centre for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide (IPAC-CO2 Research Inc.), and managed by CSA Standards, have partnered to develop the first internationally recognized Standard for the geologic storage of carbon dioxide (GSC). This Committee, with process and editorial support from CSA Standards, will be completely responsible for the content of the final standard. The process is a technical, consensus-based facilitated process. Membership of the Committee is drawn from experts with full GSC project life cycle knowledge and experience – general interest, operators/industry, regulatory, and consultant/service providers, which represent a balance of stakeholder needs.

The technical voting committee developed a draft that has been offered for public comment. The public comments have been received and incorporated into the draft Standard. This paper will provide an update on the development of the standard, discussion of the process, and implications of the completion of the process.


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