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Mitigating Well Placement Uncertainties with LWD Images and Integrated 3D Structural Modeling

Anthony F. Bodzioch
Schlumberger, [email protected]

Conventional well placement, using average GR alone, has the potential to introduce significant correlation uncertainties that unknowingly result in inaccurate well placement, suboptimal completions and ultimately, underperforming wells. These uncertainties become even more pronounced in areas that are more structurally challenging, or in those wells which step out from structural control. This structural uncertainty can be significantly mitigated during real-time geo-steering operations by the strategic application of advanced LWD (Logging While Drilling) measurements, more specifically; LWD images. This paper aims to demonstrate the value of LWD images / measurements for both real-time geo-steering operations and in helping to drive integrated 3D structural modeling for optimal well planning and reservoir characterization.


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