--> --> Abstract: WTGS 84-79 E-W Cross Section – Midland Basin – Wolfberry Play West, by Stonnie L. Pollock; #90152 (2012)

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WTGS 84-79 E-W Cross Section – Midland Basin – Wolfberry Play West.

Stonnie L. Pollock
Fasken Oil and Ranch, Ltd., Midland, TX

In 1984, Ed Matchus, a WTGS Life Member, and his team of Midland geologists, laid out a cross section based on well cuttings that captures all the stratigraphy of the Wolfberry play, WTGS 84-79 Permian Basin East to West Cross Section. Application of the WTGS 84-79 cross-section enhances stratigraphic interpretation of the formations within the Wolfberry Play. The western portion of the Wolfberry play is defined as a northwest-southeast fairway delineated by the western margin of the Midland Basin and the Wolfcamp shelf edge along the eastern side of the Central Basin Platform. Most operators drill and complete wells with multiple-stage fracs within the Strawn, Wolfcamp, Dean, and Spraberry formations. The Wolfberry interval in this part of the basin represents both conventional and unconventional reservoirs within a very thick stratigraphic interval (as much as 4,000’). This interval includes Pennsylvanian to Guadalupian aged formations, which comprise slope and basinal deposits. The Wolfberry play is unique, due to the very thick stratigraphic interval that consists of multiple lithologies deposited in various settings. The heterogeneity of numerous lithologies, depositional facies, and pore types create both challenges and opportunities for implementing effective spacing, drilling, evaluation, and stimulation techniques. Revisiting valuable resources such as the WTGS 84-79 E-W Cross-Section allow collaboration of the knowledge of those who have preceded us with new reservoir models and advanced drilling and completion methods. Integration of these resources will improve our ability to recover more hydrocarbons from the Permian Basin.


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