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Unconventional Reservoir Fracture Evaluation Utilizing Deep Shear-Wave Imaging.

Doug Patterson1, Natasa Mekic1, Alexei Bolshkov1, Bharath Rajappa1, and Xiaoming Tang2
1Baker Hughes Incorporated
2China University of Petroleum

Unconventional shale reservoir evaluation and development are extremely challenging. One of the most dominating aspects is permeability, which is measured in the nano-darcy range. Although these wells are stimulated to enhance production, the presence or absence of natural fractures can have a large impact on the production results. In addition, the fracture variation across a reservoir can be substantial, leading to large production variations even in adjacent wells. Gaining insight about the natural fracture system, both intersecting and around the borehole, is crucial and can often help determine the economic success of a well and/or reservoir.


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