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The Integration of Key Petrophysical and Geomechanical Play Drivers into Geologic Attribute Mapping: Getting Ahead of the Stampede.

Randy Montalvo and Larry Brooks
NuTech Energy Alliance

In unconventional and conventional plays alike, petrophysical attributes such as effective porosity (PHIE), permeability (k), brittleness, volume of clay (VCLAY), total organic carbon (TOC), adsorbed gas/original oil in place (OOIP), and water saturation (Sw) are key parameters that speak to the viability of entering into that play. Using abundantly available public well log data, high quality petrophysical attributes can be produced and subsequently mapped expeditiously. The ability to distribute these parameters in 2D mapping yields valuable insight to new and evolving plays. In house data may be sparse and the ability for evaluating the play may not be recognized by conventional mapping (i.e. traditional structure, isopach maps, etc.). The power of using public data and proprietary petrophysical analysis gives the geoscientist an enviable suite of maps upon which critical decisions can be made. The final result is an accelerated advancement of learning and evaluation which will save time in the approval process, mobilization, leasing and E&P.


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