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Use of Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Attributes to Resolve Previous HitStructuralNext Hit and Stratigraphic Uncertainties in Carbonate Reservoirs: Examples Previous HitfromNext Hit North Kuwait, Kuwait

Syed, Mohammed Ismail *1; Hassan, Yahya 1
(1) Field Development Group, North Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Company, Ahmadi, Kuwait.

Carbonate depositional systems by virtue of their inherent complexities present many challenges when attempting to identify and delineate a carbonate reservoir Previous HitfromNext Hit Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitdataNext Hit. Conventional Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitseismicNext Hit interpretation is often inadequate for mapping strati-Previous HitstructuralNext Hit features and complexities in carbonate systems that have a direct bearing on characterizing reservoir geometries. An example of this challenge is represented by the depositional sequences of the various carbonate reservoirs of northern Kuwait. To characterize these reservoirs more unconventional techniques and work-flows are required to accomplish the task.

The objective of this study is to demonstrate a unique interpretation workflow using multi-attribute analysis and visualization techniques that were Previous HitappliedNext Hit to selected carbonate reservoirs to decipher their complex stratigraphic/Previous HitstructuralNext Hit details to minimize the uncertainties in fine tuning reservoir shape and geometries.

We targeted the problems in two steps. The first was to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the available Previous Hit3-DNext Hit Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitdataNext Hit using appropriate re-processing steps to better image the depositional geometries and Previous HitstructuralNext Hit features. The second step was to highlight and isolate those specific geological features in Previous Hit3-DNext Hit using various Previous HitseismicNext Hit attributes aided by 3D visualization process. By integrating these results with sub-surface Previous HitdataNext Hit it was possible to speed-up the interpretation processes by resolving all possible Previous HitstructuralNext Hit and stratigraphic uncertainties.

The results showed that Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitdataNext Hit reprocessing efforts significantly improved the Previous HitdataNext Hit quality. Both horizon based and window based Previous HitstructuralNext Hit attributes coupled with amplitude based 3D Previous HitseismicNext Hit attributes were used to attack the interpretation challenge. This helped resolve stratigraphic-Previous HitstructuralTop uncertainties leading to a more accurate characterization of the reservoir geometries.


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