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Navigating the Path Forward in CO2 Surveillance Utilizing Time-Lapse Seismic in Clastic Reservoirs

Richards, Trevor *1; Schellhorn, Robert 1
(1) Denbury Onshore, Plano, TX.

Denbury is actively applying 4-D seismic monitoring in several enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects. Denbury’s portfolio of EOR floods mainly includes fluvial, variable permeability, variable porosity, clastic reservoirs at depths of ~3000ft-11000ft. The 4-D seismic response in these reservoirs is variable but predictable. The initial step in a successful 4-D seismic monitoring project is extensive source and receiver testing. The test data allows for planning the best possible seismic surveys. While seismic is king, the future of 4-D monitoring at Denbury will include investigating the feasibility of additional geophysical techniques for CO2 monitoring. Denbury’s goal is, simply, to determine where the CO2 is going and where it is not going.


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