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Geometrical 3D Characterization of Sand Injections in a Fracture Network and Onset Dynamics, Bevons South East France

Mehl, Previous HitCarolineTop *1; Cojan, Isabelle 1
(1) Centre de Géosciences-Mines Paristech, Fontainebleau, France.

The South East Basin of France is characterized by cretaceous turbiditic systems associated with per descensum sand injections. A 3D analysis of sand infilled fractures has been performed to determine their detailed geometry: dips, main dip directions, thicknesses of injections have been constrained. A two order dynamics of injections has been put forward.

Coupling these data with statistics concerning fracture density allow to determine:

1. the dynamics of fracturation when injection occured

2. the dynamics of sand injections in fractures

The analysis has been performed in 4 main areas of interest a few kilometers away. The spatial variability of the data put forward fracturation is organised in separated blocks. The maximal stress is always vertical, the horizontal stresses vary from one block to the other. Detailed stratigraphic correlation between the different outcrops allow to test the variability of the data regards to the depth of injection. The evolution of the dip direction and the dynamics of sand injection in fractures with depth is evaluated between the data sets as a function of their stratigraphic position.  


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