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The Abrolhos Magmatism as a Trigger for Cenozoic Deformation in Cumuruxatiba Basin, Brazil

Ferreira, Talles S.*1; Araújo, Mario Neto C.1; Alves da Silva, Fernando C.2
(1) Exploration & Production, PETROBRAS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
(2) Geodynamic and Geophysic, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil.

The Cumuruxatiba basin is located at the southern coast State of Bahia in northeastern of Brazil. This basin was formed in distensional setting, with rifting and subsequent thermal phase during Neocomian to late Cretaceous. At Cenozoic ages, the Abrolhos magmatism occurs in the basin with peaks during the Paleocene and Eocene. In this period, there was a kinematic inversion in the basin represented by folds related to reverse faults. Structural restoration of regional 2D seismic sections revealed that most of the deformation was concentrated at the beginning of the Cenozoic time with the peak at the Lower Eocene. The post-Eocene is marked by a decrease of strain rate to the present.

The 3D structural modeling revealed a fold belt (trending EW to NE-SW) accommodating the deformation between the Royal Charlotte and Sulphur Minerva volcanic highs. The volcanic eruptions resulted in a differential overburden on the borders of the basin acting as the trigger for halokinesis. Consequently, the deformation tends to be higher in the edges of the basin. The volcanic rocks occur mainly as concordant structures (sills) in the syn-tectonic sediment deposition showing a concomitant deformation.

The isopach maps and diagrams of axis orientation of deformation revealed that most of the folds were activated and reactivated at different times during the Cenozoic. The folds exhibit diverse kinematic patterns over time as response to behavior of adjacent volcanic highs. These interpretations allied with information on the petroleum system of the basin are important for risk analysis in mapping the prospects for hydrocarbons in Cumuruxatiba basin.


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