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Green and Sustainable Remediation Presentation

Burks, Glenn *1
(1) E2 ManageTech, Inc., Long Beach, CA.

With the increasing focus on green and sustainable industrial practices as a means of protecting human health and the environment in a manner that blends, balances and maximizes the short and long term environmental, economic and social benefits, the practice of green and sustainable remediation (GSR) is emerging as a critical issue for regulatory and governmental agencies, industry, law firms and environmental consulting firms to understand and consider when undergoing remediation projects. Despite the general notion that executing GSR practices increases cost to clean-up a site, the implementation of GSR technologies and procedures can actually help the bottom line in a variety of ways including increased shareholder value because of G/S policies and stockholder demand for sustainable policies, improved customer loyalty, increased employee attraction and retention and enhanced ability to grow as a company. This talk discusses the “what” and “why” of GSR as well as the emerging regulatory framework using a typical remediation site as an example. Incorporation of GSR practices will likely be standard component of future projects within the next 5 years so it’s important to stay ahead of the game to prepare and position oneself for future remediation projects!


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