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Integration of Previous HitPlayNext Hit and Prospect Evaluations

Bloemendaal, Steven*1; Garmezy, Larry1; Macdonald, Calum1
(1) Exploration, Shell Oil, Houston, TX.

In the increasingly competitive world of global exploration the ability to rapidly and accurately sharp-shoot areas with significant future hydrocarbon potential is the key to success. This is no longer a solitary occupation or one where we can rely on silver-bullet technologies to illuminate the opportunities. Rather the ability to analyze the entire hydrocarbon system becomes the critical path to success. Because of the many aspects of a hydrocarbon system, different disciplines need to carry out studies to build the foundation for a robust assessment of Previous HitplayNext Hit potential. However, in order to achieve a more comprehensive understanding, the integration of these different disciplines and data sources is fundamental.

In Shell, we are trying to foster this integration through a shared database driven, globally accessible, web-hosted platform with a suite of workflows designed to facilitate and encourage integration on a regional scale. These modules consist of geochemical Previous HitanalysisNext Hit and database tools, paleogeographic modeling, basin modeling, well look-back Previous HitanalysisNext Hit, Previous HitplayNext Hit CRS mapping, regional volumetric modeling, and prospect risk and volume evaluations. The tying together of these tools into a single platform and the speed of the algorithms, allows multiple scenarios to be tested in real-time. This integration platform is now enabling prospect evaluation for both conventional and unconventional opportunities to be carried out in its proper basin and Previous HitplayNext Hit context, which results in better informed decisions.  

New Previous HitPlayNext Hit development and evaluation is a creative process. Our experience shows that leading edge tools are necessary, but can hamper creativity. To be successful this is a messy process, involving “Old School” methods (teamwork around maps on a table with mylar and colour pencils). This is where the connections or disconnects are found which lead to new Previous HitplayTop ideas and concepts.


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