--> ABSTRACT: High-Precision Analysis Technology of Seismic Sequence Strata and Its Application, by ZhaoHui, Zhang.; #90141 (2012)

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High-Precision Analysis Technology of Seismic Sequence Strata and Its Application

ZhaoHui, Zhang. *1
(1) Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development-Northwest(NWGI), PetroChina, Lanzhou, China.

Currently, the comprehensive seismic interpretation technologies on the basis of sequence stratigraphy primarily include 90°phase shift, strata slice, spectral decomposition and the like, which play an significant role in the promotion of quantitative and high-precision development of sequence stratigraphy study. However, a series of problems still exist. For example, the space distribution and imbricate pattern of sedimentary units within the system tract can not be interpreted. Also, strictly speaking, it is hard to establish isochronous stratigraphic sequence framework. The strata slices that are of isochronous meaning are difficult to achieve. Consequently, the temporary technology could not meet the demands of hydrocarbon exploration of lithological reservoir. In order to solve these problems, this paper proposes the analysis method of seismic sequence strata and its relevant technologies. Firstly, this method transforms the seismic data into relative acoustic impedance volume. Secondly, with the high-precision processing of reflection surface, the relative acoustic impedance volume ought to be transformed into Wheeler domain. At last, this method calibrates and demonstrates the variation of deposition cycle displayed in Wheeler domain, and high-resolution isochronous stratigraphic sequence framework of whole basin scale could be established as a result. The practical application of this technology in eastern X basin of China proves to be feasible and efficient.


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