--> ABSTRACT: Applications of Chemical Analysis to Evaluate Jurassic Hydrocarbon Potentiality, Northern Iraq, by Najaf, Ahmed A.; #90141 (2012)

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Applications of Chemical Analysis to Evaluate Jurassic Hydrocarbon Potentiality, Northern Iraq

Najaf, Ahmed A.*1
(1) Chemistry, Al Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq.

Chemical analysis were carried out to evaluate the potentiality of rock samples having hydrocarbon characteristics , identified by chemical method as one of the approaches to evaluate the source rocks encountered from ,Sehkanian , Sargelu, Naokelekan, Sarmord, Ghia Kara of (Middle to Upper Jurassic-Lower cretaceous) stratigraphic sequence of Iraq, representing source rocks ,which are recovered from exploratory wells (Bm-15, Aj-8, Mk-2, Qc-1,Qc-2 and Taq-1), located almost all at the northern part of Iraq, and as comparable with the outcropped samples defiantly at the type locality in Surdash Anticline and also in other exposed and clear section of the Jurassic rocks is Banik village . The bulk of chemical analysis includes the development which is currently have its own strength to approve the potentiality of the source rocks, giving rise to generating enormous amounts of oil and subordinate gas promising more than ever before predictions to form super giant oil and thermogenic gas fields.

The value of the production indices determine that the system of the oil in Iraq which is not widely differ from the depocenters of the surrounding countries. Accordingly Iraq consider as the unique and specified basin that have the systematic events through the total petroleum system, that shows typical source rocks determined by the remarkable total organic carbon, and maturation evidences accompanied with maximum temperature, indicating obviously the Hydrogen and Oxygen index, that lead to determine the oil and gas prones opening horizons for more current applications and dependable version


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