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Integrating Static and Dynamic Data to Derive Analytical Conclusions on Reservoir Performance of a Heavy Oil Carbonate Field in the Partitioned Zone, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Nicole Champenoy, Dana Rowan, Gregorio Gonzalez, Shamsul Aziz, and W. Scott Meddaugh
Chevron, Houston, TX

There are several variables that can affect fluid flow from any reservoir and some that are specific to carbonate reservoirs. This discussion seeks to shed light on less recognized variables that impact fluid flow such as, well deliverability, historical operations, completions, facilities constraints and for carbonate reservoirs, the reactivity of the rock with injected fluids. All of these contribute to what is actually produced at the well head and many times it is hard to determine which has the most impact without a significant data set.

This field study will show how over 50 years of production data can be integrated with a multitude of studies in order to generate analytical insights into the character of the reservoir and a detailed historical understanding of production (impact of operations and facilities). The following summarizes the detailed analyses that were completed as part of this study:


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