--> Abstract: Web-Based Georeferenced Information System-A Cutting Edge Managing Tool for Opportunity Portfolios and Oil Business, by Carla K. Garcia, Jennifer Moscarella, Onofre Liscano, Domingo Garcia, and Luis Melo; #90124 (2011)

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Making the Next Giant Leap in Geosciences
April 10-13, 2011, Houston, Texas, USA

Web-Based Georeferenced Information System-A Cutting Edge Managing Tool for Opportunity Portfolios and Oil Business

Carla K. Garcia1; Jennifer Moscarella1; Onofre Liscano1; Domingo Garcia1; Luis Melo1

(1) Management of Evaluation and Development New Bussines, PDVSA - CVP, Caracas, Venezuela.

The Integrated System of Opportunity Portfolios-SIPO, is a web-based information system and an Oil Business Mashup which displays in a confident way and in real time the oil business information, it combines functionality and presentation from two open source products: FusionCharts Free to display economic charts and Google Earth’s API to create and to incorporate geographical and georeferenced information SIPO’s origin comes from an assessment requirement from GEDNN* (Management of Evaluation and Development of New Business) which initial purpose was to show the dynamic progress of the four main projects handled by PDVSA-CVP’s executive board : Mature Fields, Joint Ventures, Orinoco Oil Belt and Offshore. In detail SIPO manages: Isopach and Structural maps, Faults, 3D-2D seismic and their interpretation, wells, clusters, flow station and its outlines, oil and gas pipelines, piers and oil refineries, also provides documents as: business plan, Memorandum of understanding, Dossier, its organizational structure, social activities and General Economic Strategic Data that contains the company main economic variables letting the user do an analysis simulation. SIPO has three modules linked to MySQL Database Management System, three user profiles and fifty graphical user interfaces developed in PHP, HTML and JS. The users are: Administrator, Board of Director and Manage Analyst. The modules are: Dossier, allowing to the Manage Analyst to delete, to download it and displays dossiers uploaded by other users with the same profile. Administrator: provides to this user uploads, reloads or deletes the GEDNN projects information, upload new companies with general features, geosciences and surface facilities information mentioned before, any other geographical elements and economic data. Board of Directors: This user can see the information uploaded by the two mentioned users in a dynamic way, through an options menu to access on different SIPO’s sections. All these features that define SIPO makes this application a leading cutting edge technological tool on Geographic Information Systems unique in Venezuela. It accelerates the decision making and brings confidence on data management. The application here exposed may be applied also to any other management area where handling high amounts of information, visualization in 3D and real time data updating are critical factors in the decision making process. *GEDNN: Gerencia de Evaluación y Desarrollo de Nuevos Negocios.