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AAPG GEO 2010 Middle East
Geoscience Conference & Exhibition
Innovative Geoscience Solutions – Meeting Hydrocarbon Demand in Changing Times
March 7-10, 2010 – Manama, Bahrain

North Oman Fault Geometries in Outcrops, Analogues and Sub-Surface

Pascal D. Richard1; Mohammed Al-Kindy1

(1) Petroleum Development Oman, Muscat, Oman.

North Oman offers a rare opportunity for making outcrop observations of faults developed in formations that are also the producing reservoirs in the sub-surface. It is possible to look in great detail at fault geometries and associated fault damage zones, both in map view and cross sections. From these observations it is possible to establish the geometrical rules that will help to build static models and interpret faults on seismic. It is also possible to illustrate the impact of the simplifications which are inherent to the static modelling process and assess whether they are acceptable or not to define the most suitable modelling strategy.

The main objective of this presentation is to share how we, in Petroleum Development Oman, are taking advantage of the outcrops, in combination with databases from sandbox models, to develop the structural geology skills and foundation of our geologists and seismic interpreters alike. We will first illustrate on a regional scale, the Oman structural domains and their specifics in term of structural styles and fault geometries, as well as the evidence for and the relative timing of the main deformation events. We will then take the learning’s of the regional structural history into the seismic interpretation world to better constrain seismic interpretation. And finally, we will zoom-in to the field and bore-hole scale to illustrate the fundamental fault properties which can be QC’ed to help building simplified but robust static models.

This presentation is directly linked to the pre-conference field trip about North Oman fault geometries.