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AAPG GEO 2010 Middle East
Geoscience Conference & Exhibition
Innovative Geoscience Solutions – Meeting Hydrocarbon Demand in Changing Times
March 7-10, 2010 – Manama, Bahrain

Systematic Description of Larger Foraminifera from Oligocene -Miocene in Different Oil Field, Kirkuk Area, North Iraq

Imad M. Ghafor1

(1) University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraq.

Larger Foraminifera are typically associated with shallow water carbonate sediments. The investigation is based on a well exposed and surface sequence of bioclastic limestone in Bai-Hassan Well-25 section. Different types of larger Foraminifera were described , (Miogysina spp. , Miogypsinoides spp., Amphistegina spp., Pararotalia spp., Numulittes spp., Heterostegina spp. , Operculina spp., Lepiddocyclina spp., etc. indicated of shallow water carbonate sediments.