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Reserves and resource evaluation: How Geoscience merges with other E&P disciplines


Dominique Marion, TOTAL

Assessment of reserves and resources is a nearly continuous process during the life of a field.  However, technical approaches used to derive reserves and resources along with input of geoscientists may vary significantly depending on the type and amount of data available and the purpose of the evaluation.

The presentation will illustrate some of the techniques used for reserve evaluation including analogue studies, 3D probabilistic modelling, reservoir simulation with history matching, and decline curve analysis. We will review how geoscientists are involved in the evaluation process at every stage from exploration and appraisal to development optimization, production management, or field abandonment.

The talk will also discuss the respective role of geoscientists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers in reserve evaluation and the need for cross functionality with other disciplines such as economy and finance, planning and development, or field operations.


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