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Petrophysics: Use of “Newer” Technologies for Reserves Determination…. What Do You Need to Know?


Matt Bratovich, Baker Hughes

In the past the SEC imposed specific requirements on the appropriate use of technologies for some aspects of reserves determination. Even for aspects where there were no specific exclusions of technologies there often existed a hesitancy to use “newer” technologies.  The new revisions to the SEC guidelines allow companies more freedom to utilize technologies they feel are appropriate provided the technologies can be demonstrated to be a “Reliable” Technology. 

The presentation poses a series of basic questions that should be addressed when a company considers using a “new” technology; using multi-component resistivity devices as an example technology.

It is important to understand what the specific objective is when using a technology. Also as reserve calculations are not usually made on a single well it is necessary to consider if the results can be legitimately integrated with data from wells lacking the “new” approach.  Suggestions on validating the results obtained and building a case as a Reliable technology are also made.


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