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Controls on Reservoir Character of Chert-Rich Mississippian (Osagean) Strata in Southcentral Kansas

Erin M. Young
The University of Kansas, Department of Geology Lawrence, KS
[email protected]

Investigation of lower Mississippian Osagean Series tripolitic chert seeks to determine how sea-level changes, regional controls related to structure on the shelf margin, and diagenetic controls affect lithofacies distribution and enhanced reservoir porosity in south-central Kansas. This study will evaluate depositional environment and controls on spatial and temporal distribution of lithofacies. Major diagenetic events will be analyzed and a sequence stratigraphic framework will be implemented. The outcome of this investigation will provide a better understanding of depositional environment and distribution of lithofacies, which is important in delineating additional conventional and unconventional gas reservoirs in Kansas. This study will also contribute to better prediction of enhanced reservoir porosity in tripolitic chert by using diagenetic and stratigraphic concepts.


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