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Mid Eocene Biostratigraphic and Environmental Conditions at Blake Nose ODP Leg 171B Site 1051 42-43.8 Ma

Shari Hilding-Kronforst
Texas A&M University, Geology & Geophysics Department College Station Texas USA
[email protected]

The mid to late Eocene is a critical transition period from the Eocene greenhouse to Oligocene icehouse conditions. Understanding climate dynamics during this variable period is essential to identifying what drives climate change, recognizing changes in ocean circulation that occurred in conjunction with climate change, calibrating climate models, and to understanding what controls climate change. Currently, there are few, lower resolution Pacific or Southern Ocean records for this interval. This project will examine planktonic foraminifera from Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) Leg 171B Site 1051 at Blake Nose in the western mid Atlantic Ocean for cyclic changes in oxygen and carbon isotopic signatures, resulting in a high resolution climatic and biostratigraphic record for the period from 42-43.8 million years ago.


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