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Some Peculiarities of the Hydrocarbons-Rich and Hydrocarbons-Free Structures (Different Economic and Non-Economic Structures of the Former Ussr as from Example)

Alexander Romanko
Geological Institute, Moscow, Russia.

We present some materials on the peculiarities of the hydrocarbons geology (general geology of the economic, perspective and non-economic structures, hydrocarbons localization and mobility specifics, frame rocks geology, hydrocarbons-geology-geophysics correlation etc.) in the former USSR etc. including some Subarctic areas. We have an experience of study some Precambrian-Cenozoic complexes due to a search for hydrocarbons.

Some peculiarities could be noted here as follows:
- general hydrocarbons localization is in an obvious agreement with a concrete geology (including the very tectonics, sedimentation etc.) of the area studied
- different stratigraphic boundaries of a different scale are very important for the hydrocarbons localization (e.x. - famous regional west Siberian stratotype - Bazhen suite, J3/K1), J2/J3 boundary, K1 Albian/K2 Cenomanian - pokur unit, often with a giant gas reservoir) etc.
- a reason of Cenozoic (maybe Neogene)? strong hydrocarbon upgoing in the whole West Siberia and some nearby subArctic areas is under discussion. Neotectonic events of the whole Siberian craton due to endogenic processes are of important interest
- faults are usually more perspective neither non-perspective ones in the evaluation of hydrocarbons localization (there are known works on a fault geology by A. Timurziev e.a., CGE)
- we have examples of an obvious non-perspective "favourable" cupola structures because of a very strong fault geology here (e.x. Arka-Kungrad in Uzbekistan, Yalama in the Caspian sea etc.)
- unfortunately, there is no yet fruitful combined geophysical-geological analysis of the perspective structutres sometimes/often

We are strongly grateful to many different geoscientists from the JSC "Central Geophysical Expedition", PetroAlliance Services Company Limited (special thanks to Dr. A. N. Kasimov), Geological Institute RAS and Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) for the numerous detailed consultings and long fruitful discussions.


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