--> Abstract: Mineragenic Zonation of the Russian Arctic Central Sector (Taimyr-Severozemelsky Region), by V. F. Proskurnin; #90096 (2009)

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Mineragenic Zonation of the Russian Arctic Central Sector (Taimyr-Severozemelsky Region)

Vasily F. Proskurnin
All Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI), St. Petersburg, Russia.

According to traditional classification accepted by Russian geologists, the largest unit of metallogenic zonation is «mineragenic province» identified as tectonic and geographical-economic domain with specific distribution of deposits. «Specific provinces» also called as «subprovinces» or «structural-mineragenic provinces-SMP» is a large block of earth crust, but a part of mineragenic province with specific type of deposits formed in specific time, typically during a tectonic cycle. In the Central sector of Russian Arctic the largest mineragenic units were formed during middle Mesozoic-Cenozoic cycle. According to this classification, Taimyr-Severozemelsky region covers parts of the following largest mineragenic provinces:

- The East Siberian ancient platform with Tungus-Lensky Riphean-Paleozoic oil and gas, Khatanga-Vilyui middle Mesozoic-Cenozoic oil and gas and Popygai Cenozoic impact-diamond SMP;

- Atlantic-Eurasian oceanic with Eurasian Cenozoic sulphide cooper SMP;
- Uralo-Mongolian folded belt with Western-Siberian middle Mesozoic-Cenozoic oil and gas bearing SMP;
- Verkhoyansk-Kolyma fold belt with Khatanga-Laptevomorsky late Mesozoic-Cenozoic potentially oil and gas, Verkhoyansk late Cimmerian polimetallic-fluorite-salt SMP.
-Novozemelsko-Taimyrsky folded belt with middle Mesozoic-Cenozoic Barentsevomorsk-Severokarsky oil and gas, Severotaimyr-Severozemelsky early Hercynian rare earths-gold and Taimyr coal-cooper-gold SMP.

On the scheme of structural-mineragenic zonation within the limits of SMP are allocated structural-mineragenic areas (SMA). For folded SMP their borders are subordinated to relicts of ancient tectonic-mineragenic complexes of specific cycles, for plate SMP - to rock associations with specific lithogeodynamic regime.


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