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Some Features of Geological Structure of the Sedimentary Basins in the East Siberian Sea and Western Chukchi Sea

Natalya Petrovskaya
DMNG JSC, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.

Study objective. The objective of the study is to describe main features of geological structure and development of the sedimentary basins in the East Siberian Sea and in the Russian sector of the Chukchi Sea. The study is based on the marine geophysical survey data (seismic survey CDP 60*, gravity and magnetic surveys) and a number of published papers on the water areas of the American part of the Chukchi Sea and Northern Alaska.

Study results. Geological structure of the Russian sector of the Chukchi Sea and the East Siberian Sea is detailed through the interpretation of the geological-and-geophysical data. The North Chukchi and Long Chukchi sedimentary basins separated by the Wrangel Herald High of the inversion type are the main structural elements in the Chukchi Sea, which is covered by a regional grid of survey lines. The North Chukchi sedimentary basin is filled with Late Paleozoic to Quaternary deposits with the thickness of over 18.0 km. The Long Chukchi basin is composed of Cretaceous to Cenozoic deposits with the thickness of about 5.0 km. The Vilkitskogo and Novosibirsky sedimentary basins filled with deposits of a wide stratigraphic range with the thickness of 10.0 km and 5.05 km, respectively, and the large syndepositional Baranovskoye and Shelagskoye highs are recognised in the East Siberian Sea, which is studied by individual geophysical lines.

Four structural-stratigraphic complexes are recognised in the sedimentary section of the basins. They have different stratigraphic range, lithological composition, thickness of deposits and correspond to certain stages of development of the Arctic region. Drilling data from the American sector of the Chukchi Sea and the time of main geological events in the adjacent areas were used to determine the age of the units.

Conclusion. Favorable conditions both for generation of hydrocarbons and formation of zones of possible oil and gas accumulation of structural and combination (pinch-out plus erosional truncation) type existed in the sedimentary basins filled with sedimentary deposits of great thickness. Potential resources of the Russian sector of the Chukchi Sea are evaluated, and the most prospective areas are recognised from the study data.


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